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Thanks for the information. I struggle at work, big time. When I was first hired I thrived. The projects were very short, just hours or a few days, and I could knock them out quickly. My reviews were very positive. But, the nature of my job changed, very much against my will. Now, the projects can extend over several months. My lack of long term planning ability, organizational skills and time management is killing me. My last review resulted in no yearly raise and left me feeling a little defeated. Review time is here again and I know it’s going to be bad. My company has classified me as a “low performer.”

I would love to find something to do that I love. Due to my status at I am ineligible to move to a different position. My boss understands that I’m not suited and has tried to get them to let me move, but it’s an HR policy.

I make a nice living at my job so I would have a hard time finding other work that is more interesting and fulfilling. I really don’t know what to do.