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You don’t say how old she is, but I presume High School if she’s taking dual enrollment courses? I don’t really have that much advice but I’ll share my experience with my son. He’s in middle school and keeps all written work on his iPad. I’ve tried till I’m blue in the face to get him to name and move docs to the Dropbox in organized folders and it’s just not his thing. He used a word processing app that names each file with the first few word on the document and everything is in one giant folder, but HE can find any file his needs quick as a bunny so I’ve stopped trying. His way seems to be working for him. Everything in his world is this way 😂I’ve organized his books and video games for him 100 times and every time I do, in the blink of an eye he moves everything back to what in my mind is total chaos, but he seems to know exactly where everything is lol. Maybe reinforce that she needs some sort of system, but let her figure out what system works for her brain. If she has files that are no longer needed maybe you help her clear out that clutter, and subsequently help again at the end of each semester to delete/clear out any files no longer needed but leave the working docs up to her to organize? Perhaps just setting up folders by class subject will be enough to get her started and then the can take it from there?I’ve had to check my own super organized tendencies at the door when it comes to helping him and accept that his way is completely different from mine but it’s working for him so as long as he isn’t struggling to stay organized I just go with it.