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Hi Resilient2Day,

I am also having a difficult time at work. My main problems are concentration and the nature of the work. It’s just too much noise and the sounds scatter my brain even more and everything becomes super boring. Do you like what you are doing? I told my managers that I have ADHD and dyslexia last year but they didn’t try to help me. I send them articles, YouTube vidoes and they didn’t take me seriously. It’s like I need blood pouring out of my body for people to try and understand how simple things to them are 5 times or more harder for me. Besides requesting accommodations, another reason I opened about my struggles is I thought this is a chance to spread public awareness. Society should try to understand us too. We try very hard everyday to follow their style (since this is the way most of the the world is run, cannot avoid it) and they should try to understand things from our point of views too. They should try to be ADHD sometimes than the world will not be so dull and umempathetic (maybe that’s not even a word). It’s not all bad. There’s actually many positive sides to ADHD and Dyslexia. There’s so much emphasis on diversity nowadays but most people miss the part about brain diversity. It’s not only a personal issue. This also affect society as a whole. I thought we should educate neurotypical about different way of seeing the world and learning. It doesn’t mean we are stupid or lazy. We try so hard everyday and they have to respect us too, try to stop treating us like we’re weirdos. Both ways should be respected (neutrotypical and our style). We can really thrive if we get some extra support at school or work. I thought giving them the information is a chance to change society even a little. But I learned that most people don’t care unless they have a family member who also have ADHD or Dyslexia. Their brains are too fixated on one way only. It will be take a long time for this to change….