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When I was 20 I remembered months after that I had a babysitting job. The parents were in the final playoffs for curling and I never showed up. I have felt guilty every since. Another time I left my cellphone on the roof of my vehicle, when it fell off and I drove over it.
I missed my son getting an award at school because I forgot to put a reminder in my calendar. I remembered an hour or two after the fact. I apologized to my son when I got home and he said it was boring anyways; obviously trying to make me feel better. I took a homemade prepared frozen lasagna out of the fridge in a pyrex glass container with a red lid and plastic wrap under the lid. Placed it in the oven and then 30 minutes later wondered what the smell of burning was and had a total meltdown. The lasagna was salvaged but I was really had on myself thinking how stupid could I be.
I could go on and on but being diagnosed with ADD has really helped me to understand the why I forgot and to not be so hard on myself…..oh and I use my reminder calendar for EVERYTHING!