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Remind your husband of all the wonderful and positive things that come with having an ADD Brain! There are many !!!!
Positives of ADD: energetic, spontaneous, creative and inventive, being able to work under pressure… and many more. AND….. QUIRKY which I think is a positive.
I bet you are all over the place in a wonderful way! I would suggest that he has some work to do to build you up!
Celebrate you. You have so much to give. The best come back is to change his negative comments into positive. ” You are so quirky” “Well thank you! It is one of my best character traits”

There is help and support out there. Sounds like vyvanse was not a good fit. I bet you find a medicine that is. If thats the path you take.

Sending you lots of positive and wonderful energy. Keep celebrating all the wonderful quirky things about you. I bet if we met we would be fast friends.

Take good care
ADD Mama from Chicago