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Thank you Penny.One thing I have noticed for these 15 days after stopping it;initially he was crazy and irrational. but now this week he is more stabilized.Most importantly,the behavioural side effects like compulsive shopping on potals has been tremendously decreased.I want everyone to be aware of this,because last 6 months I was thinking either it is ocd or some adhd related behavior which requires consistent stimulation, but was not knowing this is one of the rare side effect of aripiprazole. PREVIOUSLY my son would take 5MG of aripiprazole in night and for the next whole day he can thrive without any impulsivity or hyperactivity.ONLY during school time i used to give him methylphenidate 10 mg Xr once a day.NOW i give it twice a day.NOthing other than that.But once I was thinking Aripiprazole is like a magic to my kid.But by scaring of its side effect I stopped it and now i have doubt on this magic wand.

Another thing ,as a parent I joined the portal to get some tools and stratergies to help my kid,because in our country plan 504,IEP AND all oteher things are extremely rare and only superrich can afford.BUT many of the post I saw seem to be having negative messages and they shake hope for future with the support of medicine.Maybe they have their own experience.Can you or anyone share something positive and hopeful links or forum topics where people have successfully managed their adhd and life.Lastly extremely sorry if my opinion hurts anyone.