Reply To: Drugs for my 12 year old son – scared!


If you have an opportunity to try neuro-biofeedback, I would highly recommend it.

Both my son (12 at the time) and I underwent this process. Both of us had been on Strattera for at least 4 years. It worked well in the first year or so for me, but by year three I began developing chronic depression, though my Dr. claimed I would not experience tachyphlaxis, or diminishing results from every day use. I underwent the biofeedback program and went off the meds. I finished a Master’s degree, climbed a mountain or two and taught high schoolers after a nearly 15 year interval. My son was kicked out of a prep school, home schooled for three years, underwent the biofeedback, but also went a year without academics and worked on his fine and gross motor skills (OT too), and is now playing football for a different preparatory school.

Meds are fine for a quick fix, and if your kid has profound issues, or co-morbid issues such as ODD, meds might be a good place to start. But our family did not want to rely on meds indefinitely. It can get expensive and might create a dependency situation for your child. If you think meds are the only option, plan to change up the dose every six months or so.