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Hey whisperingwings. I love the business idea. Cards in the UK and so boring. I also buy one because there is little choice. I even started painting my own greeting cards in water colours, scenes of Oxford University, near where I live. But nobody realised they were receiving a real water colour painting so I stopped it. I really like your cards with meaningful poems for every special occassion. Go for it. People steeling ideas. It’s happened to me many times but I think a lot of people can argue that experience. Humans are natural theives sadly. Most of us will at some point take someones idea. Just watch your back, mark your territory or idea so others will know the true inventor. Assume all your ideas will be stolen and manage that risk accordingly. Even if you sell on line, someone may steel your idea and make money out of you. I had a business for 10 years and I had many of my ideas stolen, having to go to court to get some punative damages. That’s business life I’m afraid. So think very carefully when you sell on line about how to protect your cards as copying is seen as a legitimate business model in some countries. There are many ways to protect your printed idea.

I am off to Switzerland Skiing for a week so may be off line but I am working on this frontal lobe question. I am not a neurologists or psychiatrists. I have never read about differing frontal lobe sizes equating to intellegence so do post the link so I can read it. I am very aware of the number of neurons a brain has and the brains capacity, through its plasticity, to make new connections for cognative development. I am never surpised how brains can reconnect aftr strokes or damage. Maria Montessori, the creator of the montessori schools, researched on improving the intelligence of low IQ or brain damaged children through unique exercises. She showed how low IQ could be improved by training and exercising specific parts of the brain using very specfic tasks tailored for that part of the brain. When applied to so called normal IQ, equally improved cognitive capacity was forthcomming. Recent research has even discredited the left brain right brian concept so you’re not wrong in appreciating the waste of focus on one or the other.

So the field of neuroscience, a field I am ever in awe of, is ever changing showing how little we understand how the brain works. Professor John Stein of Oxford university has done much research on the Dyslexic brain and you should google his work to read the latest developments. I am priviliged to see him lecture regularily here in Oxford. the work of Vilayanur S. Ramachandran is the best I have read on the brain and how it actually works.

ADHD often accompanies other so called neurological ‘advantages’ like Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalcula and other speech related conditons. Like super tasters who can taste 25% better than me and long distance runner who have inate abilities to store carbs, work to your advantage rather than swim against the tide. Don’t change what you are but do what you are. Then it will be easy and you will sail to success. Happy Googling in NYC. Globalthinker