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StillPlaysMC That absolutley sucks. I’ve had experience somewhat similar to yours, and really you just need to power through it. Having anxiety, depression, and ADHD already can make you life a living cesspool of agony,and with that thing with your dad doesn’t sound too good either, but if you can try to notice the bright side of life. Find something you love and hold on to it, because if you find a passion to hold on to, life can’t pull you off of the face of the earth as easily. Find a friend who is always there,the real MVP,and hold on to them (metaphorically, of course). And whatever is telling you that you are a faliure or a waste of space,it’s wrong. Ignore that and absorb the world, because you are made of it. You areare one with this beautiful world. You are made of the trees and the stars and the clouds and the animals, you are beautiful like the pure land here, and like that land you have a right to be here. Stay here with everything pure and lovely and what makes you happy, even if you are surrounded in things tgat are ugly. Hold on and have faith and you will make it, I’m sure.