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I’ve been thinking about articles that I came across many times saying that our prefrontal lobes and other parts of our brains are smaller, delayed, and less active. My question is since the frontal lobe is seen as the part of the brain that is responsible for high cognitive functioning such as intelligence, creativity and problem solving, why do ADHD and Dyslexic people (as history shows) excel at this better than people with a regular size frontal lobe if that part of our brain is actually not functioning well? I find that people with “regular frontal lobes” are always running to ADHD and Dyslexic people when they are facing a crisis. They are stuck, they shut down and they give up very quickly. I’m confused. It makes me feel that ADHD and Dyslexic people are inferior when that’s really not the case. Society look down on us.

Too much value is place on language and left brain skills. I really hope to launch my art/poetry greeting cards business this year and follow my true passion. Most of the greeting cards at the store are boring. I usually find myself spending a long time and to leave the store with nothing special but just forcing myself to buy it because there are no other options. So I started to create my own cards with my poetry in it. Not long poetry, short but meaningful and can touch the human heart. I also want to create posters and prints with my art and short poetic verses, to inspire children to always hold onto their imagination. I always wanted to be an artist but my mom never supported me and she wanted me to be an accountant. i don’t know about my dad because he passed away when I was a baby.I’ve been at my current office job (work for the government) for almost 4 years now but I never get respected because I cannot give presentations. The dyslexia prevent me from speaking smoothly. The people who can do good presentations are quickly promoted even if they are there for less than a year. The problem is they are not presenting their ideas. They are your typical “mundane rat racers.” I contribute a lot but many people just take advantage of me, steal my ideas and treat me like crap. Do any of you feel that way too? I created an auto populating ticketing system with excel for the office because they don’t want to buy an online ticketing system and it’s making them look good at important, official meetings. I am always the person they go to for problem solving, emergency situations, they even admit they like to “pick my brain.” I know there will not be any improvement because I’m different and the only solution is to leave and do what I really like.

Thank you for reading!