Reply To: Speech Issues


The word/sentence jumbling AND the blank brain thing happens to me literally every day of my life. I recently started coaching a middle school basketball team and, my dear god, I cannot explain anything straight. I start my sentences at the end and then back track, and half the time I’m like what did I even just say, was that a word??? I can overcome it by preparing precisely what I need to say (word for word – have to read it off a paper, honestly), but the thing is, I have been playing basketball since I was 5 and any normal person would be able to wing it with the kind of knowledge I have, ha!!!! Everyone gets confused and my sister (my asst coach) literally said she gets anxious for the girls because they must get totally overwhelmed not understanding anything. I’m like……….. YIKES
But I think the blank brain thing is yeah, due to anxiety or stress but it’s probably because I know I am prone to word jumbling, therefore I am anxious therefore I just kinda freeze or am like what is anything? It happens mostly when I’m not talking to someone I feel super comfortable around (or maybe I just notice it more?). (Un)Funny thing is that I am a very talented writer. Thank god. Anyway, it’s incredibly frustrating especially when meeting new people or talking to a group– it’s like, “guys, I swear I know things and am intelligent… I just…. can’t… blahhh”
So I feel you!!!!