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I have known a couple people that took clonodine and had awful effects, I have never tried it. Aderall has been life changing for me but has not helped with sensitivity yet. I have only taken it for 3 months so I haven’t given up. I am also taking therapy seriously but the one thing I have found for sure is that being with an insensitive or emotionally unavailable person is a disaster for me. I am answering as a male only because the symptoms that finally caused me to get treatment at age 60 were mental hyperactivity that for all I could see was anxiety, and sensitivity. I clearly had the typical “boy” symptoms at age six which enabled me to readily accept that I could have an ADHD symptom. I would have never known and certainly wouldn’t have gotten the medication in todays environment had I not had the “boy ” symptoms when I was a boy. My caution to you is that hyperactivity seems to display differently in women than it does in boys and you should look at that. There is a reason that ADD is no longer a valid diagnosis, and my belief is that because if you don’t have some form or level of hyperactivity you don’t have the disorder. I am not trying to be a jerk, I just see that far fewer women are diagnosed and I have never seen an explanation other than unrecognized symptoms. Best of luck. There is also a guest blog called the “ADHD symptom some women may be missing” on this site.