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Hi, this is just my experience. I want to share so people will be more aware. Doctors prescribed many SSRIs and mood stabilizers to me since I was 14. It made my symptoms much worse. I became manic, more racing thoughts, did crazy things to be stimulated and also hospitalized many times for being suicidal. When I told the doctors about feeling worse, they told me “It’s not working, let’s increase the dose” or “let’s switch you over to a different SSRI/mood stabilizer.” I believed them and it nearly destroy my life (took away 10+ years) until I found a doctor who correctly diagnosed me with ADHD and put me on Adderall. It’s the first time in my life I started to feel so much better and have hope again. It’s not perfect but I can feel calm and focus.

I am also taking Wellbutrin along with Adderall. The Wellbutrin works well with the Adderall and enhances it. I think one of the reasons may be Wellbutrin is not a SSRI and it targets the norepinephrine and dopamine receptors more than the SSRIs. I also read an article that mood stabilizer (like Lithium) may cause ADHD to become worse because it decreases the dopamine. With ADHD, the dopamine is already decreased and we never want it to go lower. This may not apply to you. If you are feeling better with SSRI and mood stabilizer than please don’t stop taking them. But it’s important to start questioning the doctor if symptoms get so much worse.