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Hi jelly, I made it through your post. I have recently gone through the diagnosis and treatment process so maybe some of the things I learned will help you. The self test above is the place to start. You are obviously smart so try the test several times. The questions are so subjective my results were all over the place depending upon my mood when I took the test. A lot depends on how you look at the questions. An example would be if you have difficulty planning and completing complicated projects. I absolutely can do it but it is also difficult so how do you answer? The actual screening with a prescriber will decide if you get to try the medication, and there is a serious push to limit prescriptions because of abuse. Just so you know ADHD by definition has a hyperactivity component even if you are unaware of it or don’t recognize the symptoms. I had the classic “boy” symptoms at six years old but in my 50’s that hyperactivity displayed as what looked like anxiety. I did not start treatment until I was 60 years old. The questionnaire and severity of impact on your life is what gets you the initial prescription but it is your reaction to the meds that is used to actually confirm the diagnosis. The truth is that anyone can take amphetamines and have improved concentration within an hour. If you don’t have adhd for sure the improved concentration comes at the cost of becoming an amphetamine junkie and definitely not worth it. The real confirmation comes if hyperactivity and impulsiveness improve over a period of a month or so. You certainly wouldn’t expect children , or anyone, to become calmer with sustained use of amphetamines but that is what happens with ADHD. Unless you can figure out what your hyperactive and impulsive symptoms are you really don’t have much to diagnose an improvement and probably should not be diagnosed and given further medication. Is it possible that your learning in spite of the difficulties you describe is your hyperactivity? Yes, delayed circadian rhythms seem common with ADHD and you may have to treat that separately just like if you had ADHD and a broken arm. The drugs don’t work without the counseling and the counseling doesn’t work without the drugs. Amphetamines are 88% effective for people screened for ADHD and the non narcotic medication is maybe 40% effective . You also need to know that most adults know they have ADHD before their doctors know and it very much looks to most doctors like you are shopping for a prescription. I was also more or less forced to try anti depressants first and that was a disaster. I literally wouldn’t do anything that could possibly be put off. Now I have a long post. Best of luck.