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Thank you for your response she has been in therapy since 2014 when she was first diagnosed we have tried many medication such as Quillivant XR (horrible experience) Guanfacine (her first) and Daytrona Patch and Concerta we are now taking Metadate CD. She is kind of over therapy and honestly it’s not really benefiting her at all she shuts down and doesn’t talk she’s never shared her feelings with anyone she only feels comfortable talking to me and that’s another reason I’m so burnt out but in order for her to continue to receive medication management she has to continue to see the social worker by-weekly and psychiatrist monthly I even thought about applying for social security to help me be able to get some financial help for her. She had her triennial evaluation in May and she does not look well on paper her IQ score was 72 which makes me sad but I asked for a second opinion but there’s that piece me that understand where her baseline is and why she acts the way she does. I want her to do some research on this website about understanding how her ADHD and ODD affects her