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shouks29: Since I wrote my post, I did find a provider to request my RA. It took me until last month to get it submitted. I’m still waiting on the outcome of what they will be willing to provide.

Regarding your work situation, it sounds horrifyingly similar to the job I left (that I still love). The supervisor I referred to in my post wrote me up (also my first time being written up EVER…) and in that write up…counseled me on my ADD disability! I ended up filing an EEO complaint against her (which is a whole ‘nother post…) for harassment because she knew about my disability and did nothing to assist me. I would suggest you find out who your EEO counselor is for your company and make an appointment to discuss not only your write up (to try to get it expunged) and to try to get the accommodations you sound like you need. You have rights too, and being a naïve supervisor doesn’t give her the right to walk all over you and your disability. The way I understand the law, you don’t have to disclose your disability to be discriminated against.

I’m looking for work elsewhere too, but mostly because I miss my old work…

I hope you can talk to your EEO counselor…I think you might be surprised at what you hear about discrimination against our disability.