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MYFIGHT: I feel your pain in so many ways. I have never disclosed my ADHD to an employer… I’ve never had to.. I’ve always been kind of given space in previous places because I always performed highly and got it done…Now I transferred within my company to a new location and they are way different. They monitor everything and watch my every move. For the first time in my professional life I was written up and told I was the weakest performer and but on probation… This has been such a blow to me I can’t even explain. It led me down the spiral of depression for months and I’m still struggling. The funniest thing is that the position is exactly the same as I have been doing for years just a different location. My manager is new and has never managed people before. They have no clue what the HR policy is and no desire to find out. I hate going to work everyday and can’t wait to leave. I requested my desk to be moved to a quieter area ( we have 6 open desks) and was told she would think about it. All I can say it to hand in there and remember that not everyone can understand or sympathize with what we have going on with ourselves and even more some management teams can’t handle someone that is not a cookie cutter of everyone else. For myself I have made the choice to find alternate employment – with the write up in my personal file any chances or relocation and promotion are done for me so it’s time to find a fit for me..Only you can decide the best course for yourself. Just know you are not alone and it’s hard being a female in the work place let alone one with a disability people don’t understand.