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After seventeen years of treatment for depression, having a devastating crush on the single, student psychologist I saw at 38 followed by ten years of IV opined use I was diagnosed at 48. In the USA the problem is the DEA. Are streets are flooded with crystal methamphetamine are they’re so worried that stimulants will get to the street that it is almost impossible to get medicated as an adult. If you take drugs you’re labeled “unclean.” No addicts (like many of us who have lived with undiagnosed ADHD) were medicated period until 2015. Avoiding medication at all cost might be fine for children, but I’m 49. I don’t have years to find a holistic route and I feel like being alive isn’t so bad ten minutes after my morning dose. I’ve been doing great now for a year on methylphenidate and Suboxone. I saw Dr’s at the free clinic for ten years and I thought they were telling me to get a private psychiatrist for tranquilizers. No one ever mentioned ADHD and I’m the poster child for adult ADHD. My first private psychiatrist knew what to do immediately. I’ve recently had to change Dr’s and needing two controlled substances is a nightmare. Here you literally have to just role the dice (if you can afford it) to find a Dr. who will treat you. I’ve found psychiatrists that have been out of school for just a few years may be stuck with old ideas that are the exact opposite of the current treatment guidelines. For medication here you must also find a Dr. that has room on their yearly amphetamine quota. Good luck. The right treatment can make life better than you’d ever imagine.