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Dear RNFILL,actually I want to ask the same thing.My son aged 6 yrs had been given antidepressant as well as adhd medicine to stop is racing thoughts on the subject he is hyperfocused.99% it is vechicles and i found extremely good results.BUT as he is only six years and somewhere i read antidepressant shrunk the brain and dont give antidepressant and mood elevators to kids which are for bipolar or schizoprenia i gradually stopped it,before a week.Now he is consistently obesed with websites related to vechicles.HE wants us to purchase it on his birthday ,select some real vechicle and again after few minutes will come up and will find some reason for not liking the selected and do the same process again.AND if we shut down the laptop will be extremely aggressive.He doesnt want to go to his classes and if we send him his whole thought are about those websites and he hasnt cut those things from his mind.He just wants to come back and do the same thing again.

I am also in hudge dilemma,have I done something wrong by stopping his antidepressant due to scare though i got better results or this irrational behaviour will ultimately stop after some time.Or maybe this is because of methylphenidate.

Anyone please share your experience of taking antidepressant and adhd medicine.