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There is great advice here. Definitely start with the school’s counseling dept. and disabilities dept. Any psychologist or psychiatrist who specializes in ADHD needs to test because a. ADHD meds are abused and often abused by students and b.other disabilities and/or depression, even mild depression, can mimic ADHD behaviors. Depression is also a common problem in those of us who have ADHD.

If you have read up on beyond symptoms you will quickly realized that the meds are not going to magically fix you. The meds are a tool to help you use a myriad of behavioral skills you will need to add to your tool belt.

Don’t be so fast to discount anti-depressants. You will also discover that anti-depressants do sometimes work better for a number of people with ADHD since a big part of ADHD has to do with brain chemistry and neurotransmitters. Serotonin and dopamine, especially dopamine, are lower in the ADHD brain. P.S. anti-depressants are a lot cheaper than say my rx for a 1 month supply of adderall xr
that costs just over $600.00. $50.00 per month with insurance.

Unless you are already doing so, here are 3 things you can do right now and pretty inexpensively, 1.exercise, exercise, exercise and try increase your iron intake and take fish oil(only supplement with scientific proof to help ease ADHD symptoms).

If you do end up on ADHD meds, make sure that you look up all interactions. Doctors can’t memorize every medication and I assure you, they are likely to miss something. I doubt I need to add the following but I would feel bad if someone went on ADHD rx and didn’t think to do their research. So.e of the bacic otc meds and foods will have a heightened potency or can heighten the potency of ADHD meds, others block the effectiveness of the rx and other combinations can be dangerous.

I wish you the best of luck in getting the help you need!

P.S. If you do receive a ADHD diagnosis, you are eligible for accommodations through the disabilities office at your school.