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Hi Cynthia,

My Dr said to me that there are very few Psychs who would ‘take a bullet’ for an adult ADHD diagnosis that hadn’t been picked up in childhood. I think by that he meant that few would risk some kind of legal action over mis-diagnosis. He said that the symptoms would have to be very overt to get a diagnosis – such as getting fired all the time. Well I quit jobs all the time. I saw a Psychiatrist some years ago after a Psychologist made me do a test which said I likely have ADHD. He wanted to look at my school reports, and as I had good grades, and only one comment that I was sometimes distracted, as well as talking to me about some things, he concluded that I don’t have ADHD. Being a smart kid I was getting good grades but I know I was smart enough to get better grades if I applied myself or could focus.

There is definitely a difference between Male and Female ADHD (and Autism), but when you mention current research to some medics they just laugh indulgently and talk about ‘Dr Google’, yet 3/4 females with Autism are not diagnosed.

I also am capable of hyperfocus.

As a Special Education teacher, I have seen how well Ritalin can work in the right circumstances – it is mind blowing – like 2 different people!

Whatever is wrong with me is making my life hell. Antidepressants barely work for me… only enough for me to keep taking them.

At an event recently where we had to talk about ourselves, one man said that he had ADHD, and that his wife who was with him had ADD. I said “I’ve always thought I had ADHD”, and then a friend said to me that they (the ADHD/ADD couple) had said to her earlier: “your friend has ADHD”. He gave me the name of his Psychiatrist who diagnosed him as an adult. He previously was an alcoholic. I am addicted to eating. I am going to see him tomorrow. Wish me luck! And good luck to you!