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I was diagnosed in 2015. I was house and dog sitting during my time off from teaching. My medical doctor was already treating me for depression and was seeing a family therapist. I simply told her the troubles I had been having in the last school year. She was able to see through it because of her training. I recently realized that two years of Vyvanse had helped me a great deal, but I was still impulsive and got a 2nd speeding ticket in 3 weeks. That day I had an appt. with a psychiatrist that was recommended by my medical doctor. I remember the first appointment. Firstly, I was so stressed from work that I was instantly put on medical leave. Secondly, my thoughts were bouncing over as I was worried about my speeding tickets. She told me to stop Vyvanse immediately and start Latuda.
After research I discovered that I can have BiPolar in addition to the depression, anxiety, ADHD and OCD!!! For me with so much going on she needed to have me “level out” without Vyvanse to see what was what.
I have been on Latuda for 2 months. No serious impulsiveness anymore. I have joined a Zumba class, with plans for a yoga class. I am creating products for a teaching website. After my medical leave of absence I am back at work and am less stressed. I am now going with the flow, creating more freely than before.
Message: 1) You are in control. 2) Do see a therapist as it will help to talk it out regularly. 3) Do find a psychiatrist as financing allows. 4) If you think you are ADHD your medical doctor will either hand you a paper test to take. Some offices have a nurse go through it with you. 5) Read online to be informed, but don’t diagnose yourself! 6) Stay hopeful because the path of help and proper medications will make your life even more enjoyable than before. Lastly, you will still be you but in a bit more control. Life is beautiful, so keep enjoying it.

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