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Ok so I have been reading this and I may be wrong but why does it sound like your husband has a rare disease. I know the challenges of ADD but can we look at this a different way. Maybe you can research about ADD and learn how your husbands brain works. One of the things I want most is to understood. ADD doesn’t have to be a curse. People with ADD have a unique way of looking at the world instead of condemning us for not being like everyone else maybe look at the world in a new way. Maybe your husband needs to know ADD is not all bad and sometime it is his super power. I am only recently been able to put the puzzle together in my life and it is a challenge I feel very lost at time and so misunderstood but I also know this is me and I refuse to think it is all bad. The more I learn the more my life makes sense lol, Maybe learning the plus side instead of the negative side would help the conversations.