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I FEEL YOUR PAIN SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a 14 year old son with ADHD and ODD as well… I can’t even begin to write about all our experiences… just know my journey into this started when he was 2.5. The problem is now that he is nearly 6ft tall and 220lbs.. I can hear him now yelling at the others on xbox live. He takes vyvanse, guafanicine sp? and latuda… and he still has extreme outbursts and pushes every limit he can… I have seen him rip an adult to shreds with his quick mind and sharp tongue.. He’s laughed at DR’s stating this isn’t his first rodeo… but on the flip side he has a heart of gold, and can be so loving and charming and funny, but as soon as he doesn’t get his way I am stupid, a bitch, and every other hurtful curse word you can think of….. usually after a “fit” he will fall dead asleep. I am seriously trying to research the effects of canaboids for his extreme aggression… I’ve never known another parent who has experienced what I have to handle on a daily basis….

Most family and friends just shake their heads and say… damn.. I don’t know how you do it……… they pretty much stopped trying to give me advice years ago. LOL…. anyway… just know you are NOT alone..