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Well, my question to you is: Are you just looking for reassurance about your decisions? How open are you to changing your mind? How much of this decision is actually based in your son having ADHD? & How much of your decision was motivated by possible feelings of betrayal that the school didn’t ask for your consent prior to the first reading session?

Because I’m hearing two main things. That you don’t want your son to feel ashamed that he’s “different” by being excluded from this reading material & That he’s not capable of understanding this material because he’s “different” a.k.a has ADHD.

Instead of making this decision for your son, why not ask him what he’d like to do? Include him in the decision!

I know you’re trying to protect him but sometimes, and frankly, all too often, protective behaviour/intentions result in taking agency away from others.

And at the end of the day, isn’t empowerment & agency the core values we all hold dear? Especially for those who are “different” from society?

Speaking from personal experience, I’m worried your selling your son short and instilling the idea into his mind that he isn’t as capable as everyone else.

Perhaps give him a chance to prove you (and the rest of society) wrong?