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Thanks for your comments, it’s nice to get different views. It’s hard I grew up with being taught patience and respect and think before you speak and so certain things that someone with ADHD/add I feel don’t get or have to work really hard to get. I apologize if this is wrong or sounds bad I’m trying to understand. I’m an outsider and this is why I’m trying to figure things out.
When my husband and I talk about things concerning ADHD he is usually pretty quick with it – he needs medication and has to work at it. I would love to try to help with what foods to eat, is there a routine that would help, whatever there could be – did his mom elimate certain foods growing up, did he have certain traits of someone with ADHD growing up – what were they? It seems like there should be more but I don’t know much. Other than his mom always said how naughty he was as a child – which that makes me feel bad for him cause if I was told that as a child I wouldn’t know any better than to be naughty.