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I would say that after a long time trying everything else, the downsides to medicating were significantly less than the upsides. Although it took some time to find something that works for my son (11) in part because he also has anxiety which some meds seemed to trigger, we are now a much more peaceful household and he is a much happier kid. He is getting straight A’s at school, happy to go to school which has been an ongoing battle, and is able to articulate what’s going on when he starts to feel a fit of hyperactivity welling up. I want him to have long lasting friendships, do well at school, enjoy life. He wasn’t able to do those things consistently without medication and we weren’t able to do well in therapy because he was inconsistently able to participate. While nothing works exactly the same for each child, I would say if it’s going to improve their quality of life significantly then it is worth giving serious consideration. You can always stop if the improvements are not worth the downsides. For us the only downsides have been decreased appetite and some mild sleep disruptions, but letting him stay up an extra hour at night and being more careful about increasing fat content in his diet are a small price to pay for the changes I’ve seen. Good luck!