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I’ve always known my husband was diagnosed with ADHD as a child. However, as an adult he is unwilling to acknowledge ADHD affects him because in his words “that would mean something is wrong with me.” While I am very sympathetic to the wounds one can suffer growing up with ADHD, I feel it is necessary to acknowledge the symptoms in order to be able to work it out in our marriage. I once got him to read a few chapters of “More Attention Less Deficit” (a book I found very helpful), but what he did with that was to point out all the things that do NOT fit for him. This did not give us much to work with. I’m hoping now that you know your husband will be open to working with what symptoms he does have and how they affect your relationship. ADHD is very challenging to relationships but definitely workable if everyone is open and engaged. Another helpful book that was recommended to me by a woman with ADHD is “Is It You, Me or Adult ADD?” She told me she has asked everyone whom she has a close relationship with to read it; not so they will excuse her symptoms, but so they can talk about how to have a meaningful successful relationship given that she has symptoms. In my opinion becoming educated and working together is the best solution.