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I was college student with a pretty heavy course load my junior year and I finally hit a point where I wasn’t sure I’d be able to graduate without help. My classes involved major projects and I just couldn’t get myself to focus long enough to get anything done. The doctor who prescribed the medication did so while basically rolling her eyes, telling me I should’ve just taken less classes.

I didn’t believe in ADHD either despite having struggled my entire life and believing I was just “lazy” – killed my self esteem and I am still dealing with the repercussions today. But the medication changed my life. It didn’t just help me focus. It gave me clarity, motivation, confidence. I felt invincible, like I had super-human abilities – I know realize that was just my first time experiencing being “normal” without the weight of the ADHD symptoms bringing me down.

Flash-forward to a few years later after getting pregnant, getting off medication, getting fired, facing crippling post-partum depression due to breastfeeding struggles and being unemployed, I finally decided to stop trying to breastfeed, get back on the meds, and get back into the work field. I had doctors tell me I should have “grown out of it” by now and another one tell me I should really “think of my baby.”

Finally, I sought the help of a ADHD specialist who completely turned things around for me. Not a psychologist or psychotherapist but a LCSW with extensive knowledge of ADHD who gave me a proper diagnosis and helped me get my life back on track with the help of medication. I am now working full time and I’m a better mother and a better person for it.