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I am an educator and this is what my high school students with ADD/ADHD have shared with me:
1) When ‘I’ am on my meds I can slow down enough to think. Without them I feel like I am moving and my brain is going so fast that I cannot keep up. I also feel so angry when I forget to take them.
2) It helps me focus.

As a teacher, I have really seen a difference in my students between on and off meds. Some students can function, but others really need that assistance to slow down their minds so that they can think and process. I always know when they have forgotten to take their meds as it seems that they are moving, and talking, in warp speed.

I cannot say what is best for your child, but I would suggest giving them a try and see if it helps your child. Keep track of changes in behavior, mood and thinking skills. Sometimes even low doses are enough to help calm the brain so that students can function better, other times it requires a higher dose. As the other posts have stated, having a good relationship with your doctor and giving everything time is very important.