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Medication is a very difficult decision. My son was diagnosed with ADHD in 1st grade. We were afraid of the medication even though we could see how he was struggling. Our doctor was very understanding and posed a question to us that led us to give the medication a try. “If you child was diabetic, would you withhold his insulin?” Medicating our son was the right choice. The dosage increased until he was in 4th grade. He is now a senior in high school and is on the same dosage as he was when he was 10. We have not taken an intentional break from the medication, because we want our son to be able to focus not only in school but in his activities. There was a day when our son was a junior that he forgot to take the medication. He called me from school after his first class and asked if I would bring it to him. Latter he told us that he realized how much the medication helps him focus and to be successful in school and other activities. We were lucky that the first medication we tried worked. If the first one doesn’t work for your child, don’t give up and work with your doctor to try something else.