Reply To: Trouble Getting a Diagnosis


I had some lengthy testing done by a neuro-psychologist and the conclusion was that I don’t have indicators for ADHD. The Dr. said it’s anxiety. (I’ve had anxiety all my life, lessening over time because I’ve learned what self-care is and improve in that over time). So my thought was “oh great, I’ve been working on the anxiety for many years and I’ve still got these problems. What’s wrong with me that I can’t work out this anxiety enough to live a functional life”. (my ADHD is the inattentive kind). There goes my hope of finding answers and solutions.”

I’ve played over and over in my mind… OCD? Autism maybe? But not thinking ADHD, until Jessica McCabe’s TEDX Talk appeared on my Facebook newsfeed. When I listened to that, and each video she has made, pieces starting falling together and I could see how I could change my space and lifestyle to help me function better.

I don’t know why the test didn’t detect it, except that I’m sure I was in hyperfocus during the test– so maybe that’s why it didn’t pick up on it (????) Just my theory.

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