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Hi, Cynthia! What you just described in your post – I am going thru exactly that, like a carbon copy. the only difference is that I am 40. I have been managing it somewhat my whole life, thinking its my character flaws, until I came across other peoples stories and started digging into ADHD (its an ADD in my case, I think). I had a breakdown this fall, and I managed to put myself together just enough to make an appointment at the Psychiatric clinic to get a diagnosis. The initial assessment that they did was very close to yours – you are suffering from depression, based on questions on their list. That was the frustrating part, since it took me a lot of effort to explain that my depression is the result of my inability to perform daily tasks that most people have no problem with, and not the other way around. There were a lot of masked and twisted questions targeting my suicidal levels. Again, I didn’t feel like they were listening much to me, when I tried to explain that I was there to improve my life, and not to end it. I had insisted on testing, and I did get that testing done, although with my high deductible health plan I ended up paying for it out of my pocket. The testing lasted 3 days about 4 hrs each session, but they tested me for a bunch of things including ADHD, depression, etc. And even though they found markers for ADD, they didn’t make it an official diagnosis. I did get a prescription though, for both anti-depressants and ADD. But, I have to tell you – I didn’t fill out my prescription yet, maybe I am a little scared….My feeling is they are very reluctant to prescribe the medication for ADHD because these are very serious medications with additictive qualities….I wish you all the best, do not give up, insist on testing thru the psychiatric centers, and believe, believe, believe in yourself!!! Just because you are aware of what is going on with you already puts you ahead. I wish I knew all that I know about myself now twenty years ago, I would be a different person today… Truly, the best wishes to you!!!!!