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When my son was first diagnosed at 6 we were deathly coNcerned that if we told the school he would get labeled and categorized as unteachablre.40 years ago We fought tooth and nail to keep that info out of his school file. The school a year or two later refused to let him attend unless we medicated him (ritalin) and we made sure he took regular breaks from it.
Our fears were confirmed in grade 8 when the teacher finally told us he was functioning at grade two levels in some subjects and they were going to put him in a dead end class when he entered high school Next year.
We immediately enrolked him in a private tutoring after school program and he worked very hard to Successfully graduate from a regular highschool. I mknow he has told no one since i am sure the results and our grave concerns about it at that time had some effect on it.
This recommendation was given today in answer to anothers concerns about when to tell

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