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Cynthia and all: I had a soft diagnosis of ADD (not much H…) at 65 spurred by my wife who saw so much in me that she did in a co-worker who was raging ADHD. The diagnosis was by my GP and his PA, both of whom had some experience with it. I still didn’t want to accept it until I was dealing with the aftermath of a hurricane and more damage and chaos than I could handle. I saw an NP who prescribed Vyvanse for several months and that was a life-changing experience for me. I was able to handle all the problems as well as the complicated insurance dealings. Then she changed me to generic for Wellbutrin that helped not at all.

My current doc had little direct experience but understood what I was dealing with and has been willing to prescribe generic Adderall that has been a help but I do not take it often, so he’s comfortable with that as the frequency of a refill is more than a year apart. This is just for background, the main point for now is…

I found an OTC homeopathic that I take daily and it makes a lot of difference in my ability to handle the ADD. It is ATTEND by VAXA in Sweden and is a bit over $40 a month (60 caps) and I’ve only found it at the Vitamin Shoppe. The first month you’ll double taking but after 1-2 times a day. I hope this offers some help for you and is relatively inexpensive and may provide some measure of relief. BTW I’m now 75. -Allen