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Sivapriya Saraswati

Just curious – have you shared everything in your medical history with him?
I agree with some others. A lot of us with ADHD are made to feel ashamed of our differences – made to feel less than. Plus, there’s the whole rejection sensitivity dysphoria. I would not take it personally, rather realize it is due to his own emotional turmoil that is linked to his diagnosis. We are not our diagnosis. He is a human being with feelings, insecurities, needs, desires, goals, dreams, just like everyone else. Rather than take it personally, perhaps this is a good opportunity to show how much you care, to show that no matter what you love him, that you want to understand, even though it may be difficult. An open mind will lead a long way in helping him to feel he can open up about that part of himself. Who knows what he has endured that has conditioned him to feel he can’t open up about it in the first place. Please don’t prove that conditioning to be right.

I hope you find a harmonious way of working through this. I feel it can help both of you grow immensely stronger in your love and bonds with each other. AND, it’s good for your children to be around 2 adults who can work through differences, even when one feels as slighted as you do.

Best wishes!!! <3