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I wanted to share that I too was struggling to get diagnosis. I definitely felt I do have it when researching and based on my expo experiences. I still remember when I told one of my sister about it in high school because I was so frustrated and I felt I’ve never had a break in having fun and such. It was always something come up that I had to do. I do get burnout often and I don’t recalled having depression like hope other people commonly have when it come to depression. Like you, mine is more circumstantial. I know I get depression when I get frustrated even with apparently simple things that doesn’t frustrate neurotypical. I’m like huh? I want to be able to live more “freely” without feeling stress on the constant basis. I do have anxiety too and maybe that’s part of the issues with difficulty of making diagnosis. If you have OCD,then it’s recommended to treated for that first then treat for ADHD from my understanding. Some of my family member felt they have it to and one of my sister already knew because I apparently have no filter. I honestly gave up on diagnosis. It was very difficult and part of me felt some of them are avoiding or lie to me. But I don’t know. ..since it seem more complex than that as I know they have to follow certain procedure and such. I also know that it does depend on your insurance abs getting diagnosis for ADHD is expensive. The reason I felt I had one was mainly because of not only it affect my life but I struggle with college. I wanted help as well as possible learning disabilities. What make it worse is that I’m deaf so when I took the incomplete psychological test, they just it was common for deaf people to have poor reading and writing. I’m totally aware of that but my problem is that I need them to see why it was affecting me and help me get the help I need but no. I was told I’m a perfectionist which and that I tend to get distracted with small details. Then they said I tend to shift my focus. I’m like hello?! Isn’t that a fucking hint? I didn’t say that in person but in mind but omg it was so frustrating. I lost my trust in them. They literally laugh at me. I was not happy and they said it can be improve with decreasing my perfectionism but I know it more than that. I even tried to get my doctor to diagnosis but no. I gave up trying. Maybe it only got those who can afford diagnosis. I’m over here like how did hide it so well that some can’t noticed? It really fuck me up. And just when I thought I got everything handle and I’ll be fine, I got slap in the face then get another bout of burnout. Those who have a chronic burnout can be a sign of ADHD from my understanding but whatever hardly these people listening. I don’t even know what to do myself to be honest. I ain’t going to go back to college and make the same mistakes. Nah, I want to be able to manage adhd,get the correct assistance, then I’ll be fine. I’m 28 feeling embarrassed for not finish community college. I’m always noticing myself going into circle trying to figure out why I can’t do like hope other people were able to do then it went back to my problem with focus, organizing, and getting distracting. So, I’m still out here trying my best to survive.