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I agree above that I don’t think there really is a milder ADD. I privately paid for both of my children to be assessed when they were 7… they are now 15 and 17. When they were each 13 I started asking them if they still wanted to be medicated and talked to them about what the pills did for them from their perspective. My 15 yr old said without them she feels fuzzy when she tried to do school work and at home she feels like she non stop talks ( it feels that way to us too😖) She has had the choice for 2 Years now and continues to take it EVERYDAY. My kids choose to take their pills 7 days a week and seem to be fine. My son at 17 has just decided to stop taking his. For him the pill gave him “a moral compass”. On days he didn’t take it he would be very mean sometimes even vicious to my daughter and would not show any remorse whatsoever. Over their years my kids have been learning about their ADD and we have been teaching them coping skills. After all the meds don’t FIX the issue, they just help level the playing field. Kids still need to learn how to improve their weaknesses like any other kid. Somewhere in my journey with them someone gave me a great perspective on medicating their kids. They said if your child was diagnosed diabetic and you didn’t believe it was real would you deny them medication to help them? If you’ve done any research at all you’ve often heard ADD us SO much more than not being able to pay attention. There are so many below the surface side effects to ADD that we don’t find out about until they tell us in their adult years. The other thing to keep in mind is that just because you decide to try meds doesn’t mean you can never go off of them. Have patience through the “ finding the right combination” part and give it 6 months, talk to your child about how it’s going and if it’s not working.. just stop. I hope this helps .. trust your gut and talk candidly with your child😁