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28 years old, only diagnosed last month.

I had to get counseling (mostly in school) and my well-meaning counselors chalked up most of my issues to stress coming from familial issues or adjusting with school. Not once did ADHD come up. I suppose my being a good student had me slipping between the cracks. Besides, my doctors were more concerned about treating my other health issues such as asthma and epilepsy, and everyone thought I’d just ‘grow out’ of my quirkiness, inattention, and hyperactivity. Only one of my college professors suspected I had ADHD, but she pointed out that I wasn’t as ‘impaired’ as the diagnostic criteria would suggest. Other friends questioned me up front if I had ADHD, but I always shrugged it off

Two things prompted me to finally seek some psychiatric help: going back to grad school, and getting into a serious relationship. Both were in danger of floundering, and I knew I had to take some steps to save them. Thankfully one of my friends in my parish is a psychiatrist, and she was the one who evaluated me. Turns out that yes, my professor and my friends were right.

I’m thankful that I’ve gotten my diagnosis finally clinched, and I can now take steps to manage this condition. I’m just sad and angry that it came rather late. If I’d gotten diagnosed and been helped when I was a child, I might have had less angst and trouble to go through. Maybe I wouldn’t have been labeled as ‘problematic’ all the way into adulthood.