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I was tested in 1st grade and again at 45. Never diagnosed. “They” keep telling me I have depression, yet I am one of the most optimistic people I know. Not a goody-two-shoes, just generally upbeat and proactive. I have, for the most part, given up on “being medicated” because I’ll be prescribed an antidepressant…which will make me gain weight without trying. This last time around, I was given an antidepressant while being “wheelchair-bound” after an acute illness. I was unable to exercise the weight away like previous attempts at figuring out what’s wrong with me. Try dealing with the typical distractions plus having to educate yourself through a health upheaval and gaining 75 pounds in a few months. (I used to enjoy shopping…)
For now, I won’t pursue an ADD diagnosis. I’ve decided to educate myself with this website and all it has to offer, plus trying to exercise myself back to health.