Reply To: Drugs for my 12 year old son – scared!


Speaking from my own personal experience with medication.

I was diagnosed at the end of 4th grade and started taking meds in 5th. I still take Concerta to this day (I’m a sophomore in college now studying biology and looking to go into genetics). I did have to gradually increase my dose as I got older. I’ve been on the dose I’m on now since 9th or 10th grade. When I entered high school I was also prescribed a smaller dose of Ritalin which I take if I needed a top up after school. It’s definitely scary needing to take something to function “normally.” I got used to it and now I take my larger dose if I have several classes that day or if I’m planning on doing some legit intense studying. I take my smaller dose (10mg, so I play with it a little) if I don’t need to stay focused for long. Last year I hardly ever took my meds and only had to take them to get a paper done.

Really it boils down to doing research and weighting the pros and cons. I’m to the point where my doses are set and will most likely stay set, so I know what I’m doing and how everything effects me. I take medicating very seriously, if I don’t think I need it that day, I don’t take it. Before college, I took it during the week and didn’t use it on the weekend unless I had a bunch of weekend work (which was rarely).

I hope this helps some. In the end it is your decision. Definitely do some research, maybe even discuss it with your son if you think he can handle such a discussion. It is a hard decision, but I’m personally glad my parents made that decision.