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Ann Howrie

Hi, my teenage daughter was diagnosed with ADHD combined type with comorbid social anxiety last year at the age of 15.3yrs. At that point she had not been to school for almost a year despite everything. Like most I had gone down the track of natural therapies and more without knowing what was wrong. Her school refusal was compacted with a huge friendship issue which I now believed spiralled her into depression as well. Half way through Year 10 (Australia) and she was still not at school despite changing schools and a few encouraging days at the beginning she again refused to go. I had researched medication and in a long discussion with a psychiatrist agreed to trial dexamphetamine and with a few changes to dose, it worked well. I was not hesitant really, I prayed that it would work and it has. Mind you a lot of ducks had to fall into place to get her back into school but it is working. I can see when the meds drop, to me it’s a life saver. She might not always be on them, but with a clinical psychologist she is learning organisational and study skills, she is socially accepting and now has a group of friends. She is entering her final two years of school this year and essentially has to catch up on the passed two years for which she has no results. Medication may not be for everyone and I am aware with younger children it might be more confronting. Every individual is different, unfortunately what I am learning with ADHD and the differences within it and between the sexes and the ages, is that it is truly a very individual ride. All I can say is don’t say no, have open discussions with your professionals and ask all the questions in the World, even the seemingly silly ones. Wishing you well