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New research is showing that ADHD children have 3 to 5 year delay in processing in some areas of the brain. EEGs show stimulant medication normalizes this lower brain activity. Those processing areas thicken during childhood. Then during puberty the unused areas of thin. Researchers are finding a 2% brain size difference in people with ADHD and 50% to 80% continue to have some ADHD disorders as adults. But people who were consistently treated with stimulant medication are not showing that size difference. For the first time there is the thought that stimulant medications not only immediately improve ADHD symptoms, they may result in long-term improvement on brain development. Just remember that by the time a child is diagnosed and put on medication, there are years of developmental delay and medication is not 100% curative. There are many other interventions still needed. Also be sure to find the correct dosage with a graduated approach and the help of others, especially the classroom teacher in evaluating the correct dosage. This can be done with a simple list of behaviors you are hoping will improve and a 1 to 10 rating scale.