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Adhd,can mess your life up really bad without meaning too. I wish more than anything that I would have gotten diagnosed when I was younger. I didn’t
Get help until around 36 years old. I am very
Greatful, for the help because it has made my life
100 times clearer. I don’t have to be depressed
Or anxious like I used to in the past and that
Is the best feeling. I now understand my mind
And I know what I want and finally can work
Toward my goals. I get weekly therapy in therapy
We talk about goals and sticking to my proritites.
I take a low dose of wellbutrin which helps me not
Be impulsive which so I don’t make dumb decisions.
I also constantly read about adhd, and that helps
As well. For anyone frustrated or depressed about
Adhd know that it’s very treatable with willingness
And once it is you will be a much happier person.