Reply To: Drugs for my 12 year old son – scared!


This is not an easy one – for our family- our youngest has -ADHD + anxiety disorder and sensory issues and the medication is a god- send. The ADHD meds + the anxiety meds has made his life so much better- he is engaged in school he has friends- he plays with us , it is really an amazing turnaround. For my oldest son, he had adhd and takes meds for school. And it has helped some – not the dramatic turnaround of his brother. He seems to be doing better in school this year as opposed to last, but I am not really sure if some of his gains are not just maturity and not really the meds. But we have no regrets about giving them. There seems to be little harm and as long as you do the things to help his brain grow and not just solely rely on the meds for future gains your son will be fine.