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Hi there
I am a woman, in late fifties and recently diagnosed with ADHD.
I’ve always suspected that but never had opportunities to openly ask for help. I lived with frustration, not being able to manage
mundane things in life. Along with the frustration, came anxiety, and mild depression. It showed in my blood pressure.
Everything other than blood pressure is fine. So my primary care suggested to see Psychiatrist, I already knew her since
my high school age son get treated by her. (It was much easier to talk to her since I was familiar with her and trusted her)

The first thing she asked was, about my family history.
I don’t need to go into the details but she pointed out many areas of my struggles are due most likely to be ADHD.
I begun to get treatment, life style changes I learned from books and internet.
Just can’t believe the whole story but it’s true. I am now centered and much happier.

I think the hardest part of getting right help is to find a good doctor.
I wish I can tell you more details but I am not a physician and something that worked for me may not be for you.
I sincerely hope you can get a good treatment, for me, it changed my life. You are still very young.

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