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One reason it may be hard to get a diagnosis is because psychologists often don’t want you to diagnose yourself–THEY want to be the one to surprise you. Another is that some think that medications are over prescribed, so they avoid making those recommendations. Some think it is rare in women. And psychologists cannot prescribe. Psychiatrists and internists can. Glad to hear you found a pscyhiatrist, and they are generally is short supply.

I tried for over 10 years to get my husband diagnosed, and finally an internist agreed to try him on medication. We had been through testing many times, and we were told he was probably depressed. Now I kick myself that he wasn’t diagnosed sooner, as his life could have been so much easier for so long (he’s 72 now!)

I also suggest you read Dr. Amen’s book, “Healing ADD”. It has been updated and very informative. I sent my son to one of his clinics when he was about 26, and by golly he came out with not only a script but also a very detailed report about his brain. It’s expensive but worth every single penny.

You keep on advocating for yourself, Cynthia!