Reply To: Drugs for my 12 year old son – scared!


My 13 year old daughter has ADHD. We procrastinated getting a diagnosis in part because of my fears about medication. I was wrong to be afraid. Medication has been life changing. And I can say that even though we are struggling with it right now.

We are on our second medication because, for her, Concerta stopped working after about 3 months. It took all of us a while to realize that she was back to struggling and we are still working on digging out of the hole. Her ADHD shows up most noticeably in the form of really poor executive skills – homework gets done but not turned in, lost and thus needs to be redone, books aren’t brought home so that assignments can be done, etc. When her medicine was working, these problems were virtually non-existent. When it started to lose effectiveness, she started to slip. When it was no longer effective, she fell apart. It’s been very noticeable how much that medicine really was working once it stopped doing so.

What has been fun for me to see is that she is one driving the process to get another medication. She is now the one asking for a change in dosage because she thinks the medicine is making a difference but not enough of one. And, she is the one who first noticed that the Concerta was starting to fail.

I would encourage you to be open to it. It’s been really good for us.