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I agree that you should take her phone away immediately. Don’t take it in a punitive way. Take it saying that you have no choice. She knows why so no further explanation is necessary. She will lash out at you but stick to your guns. My other thought while reading your post is that you have to spend as much one on one quality time with her as you possibly can. I hear that you have to work a lot for financial reasons but I think a lot of add kids, like yours, are at risk as they enter adolescence. The only antidote from my point of view is positive parental involvement..” it’s extremely Easy to be negative with add kids but you need to find the positive wherever you can. I know there are a lot of good books out there but one that I can recommend is the kazdin method. The emphasis is on positive reinforcement, overlooking as much negative nbehavior as you can (within reason) and being very consistent. It’s critical that you deliver consequences in a dispassionate calm sort of way. And let her know as often as possible, no matter what she shouts at you in response, that you are on her side, even when giving consequences she doesn’t like. Pardon the typos as I am typing on my phone. Best of luck to you!