Reply To: Drugs for my 12 year old son – scared!

Penny Williams

What you’ve heard isn’t completely factual. Some people choose to take breaks from the medication, but ADHD medications don’t require breaks. I personally find the breaks more detrimental. And, you don’t have to increase the dose all the time — this is completely dependent on each individual’s metabolism, genetics, and neurotransmitter levels. My son has been on the same dose of Concerta for several years.

This article offers a solid overview of ADHD medication:

I find that learning the facts about ADHD medication (because public opinion of ADHD meds isn’t factual) helps to make an informed decision on trying these medications. Every parent is cautious and scared about medication for their child, but it can change your son’s life for the better, if ADHD medication is right for him.

As for school, it takes more than good grades to succeed at school. Behavioral expectations are a big part of that. If it’s an expectation in the school handbook or the teacher’s classroom rules, and your child’s disability prevents him from meeting that expectation, then it should be accommodated and worked on. That absolutely includes behavior. Ask the guidance counselor for a meeting to discuss this and learn the process for your son’s school.

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